Versão: 1.5 (Hotfix 1) (Data: 2009/12/22)


- Fixed: Crash with the particle system (crashed a lot on Intel and some ATI cards).
- Fixed: OpenGL bug where the terrain disappeared (specially in Linux).
- Fixed: Performance issue with particle effects (now particles are displayed in all shader modes).
- Fixed: Blending mode of some power effects.
- Fixed: Automatic shader model setting for ATI and nVidia cards first time and automatic benchmark.
- Fixed: Out of memory crash using ALT+TAB/ALT+ENTER.
- Fixed: Visual glitch with realm gems in portals and altars.
- Fixed: Terrain in ATI/OpenGL with Catalyst 9.12 driver. - Fixed: Other player's armor paint was not visible.
- Fixed: Other random crashes where fixed.

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