Version: 0.9.08 (Launch) (Date: 2007/5/24)


- New: /ignore, /unignore chat commands.
- Fixed: Crash when pressing TAB on chat input box.
- Fixed: Quickbar timers now work properly.
- Fixed: Several crashes.


- Fixed: Bug that allowed to waste a experience boost scroll while another one was active.
- Fixed: Overburdened notice.
- Fixed: Attack from fort walls to upstairs enemies.
- Fixed: Attack through fort doors.
- Updated: "Cannot move" spells now allow rotation.
- Updated: Several spell adjustments.
- Updated: Attack range changes: Short 20 mts, Medium 25 mts, Long 30 mts.
- Updated: No spell combination may exceed +50% speed bonus, and opposite slow spells may not stack past -70% speed malus.
- Updated: Experience curve adjustments.

- New: Iron arm, Agile maneuver, Accurate swings, Throat cutter.
- Updated: Caltrop arrow, Sudden strike, Destabilize.
- Fixed: Area spells now affect 360º instead of 180º as before.

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