Version: 0.9.07 (Date: 2007/5/15)


- Fixed: Synchronize resources at program start works again.
- Fixed: Crash in DirectX when releasing textures.


- Updated: Armor protection increased by 30%.
- Updated: Each armor protection level now give 15% bonus. Good 15%, Very good 30%, Bad -15%, Very bad -30%.

- Fixed: Experience multiplier scrolls now count correctly the indirect experience received by killing monsters.
- Fixed: Needle blast.
- Fixed: Evendim's Fury.
- Fixed: Resurrection dizziness stops when casting or using a spell.
- Fixed: Creatures now detect spells cast upon them.
- Fixed: Teletransportation altars no longer can be activated from afar.
- Updated: Mind push.
- Updated: Overhead text messages are now stacked and shown one by one. Damage, healing and combat actions now wait in queue in order to appear.
- Updated: Healing and drain spells, ambitious sacrifice, mana communion, etc now display their corresponding sums instead of individual numbers (on the caster and/or target).

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