My framerate is too low

The amount of Frames Per Second (FPS) measures how well your computer is performing in drawing the 3d scene.
This could vary greatly due to the vast quantity of video cards, memory and processor options out there.

As a reference, games like Regnum Online are perfectly playable in a 15-30 framerate range. There are spikes in this measurement because of the dynamic nature of the world, and the amount of 3d models at any given time is hard to predict.
Of course, having a relatively new video card helps a lot.

How to improve the framerate

There are several ways to improve your framerate:
  1. First of all, making sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements
  2. Closing any other programs that may be consuming memory or processor may help.
  3. Decreasing your level of detail configuration. To do this, load the game and as soon as you login, go to the "Options" menu. Then, go to the "Advanced options..." window. Here you will find a general level of quality slider that will adjust every setting automatically or you may play with the options until you are satisfied with the results


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